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Mixcloud: https://mixcloud.com/dj-davide
Soundcloud: https://mixcloud.com/dj-davide

DJ DAVIDÉ aka Davide LaPara, has been DJing since 1995, and was interested in music from an early age. An old-school boom box was his favorite piece of equipment and he was making mixtapes from the age of 5.

Influenced by the music his older brother was listening to at the time, Davidé had an early appreciation of underground, alternative and electronic music, including bands like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure and Anne Clarke, just to name a few.

Synthesizer based music was a huge influence from the start, and even presently, the primary style played by Davidé is heavy on synth melodies and bass lines. Currently (updated in 2024), when DJing at clubs and large events, Davidé plays mostly dark electronic music styles including Indie House, Electro House, Melodic Techno, Techno, etc. He also plays many alternative parties, with playlists ranging from Post-Punk to New Wave to Cold Wave & Dark Wave.

Having played most clubs in Montreal, Davidé has had extensive gig experience, having also played major clubs and large scale electronic music, alternative and Fetish events in Toronto (CA), Vancouver (CA), London (UK), Amsterdam (NL), Barcelona (ES), Las Vegas (US), New York (US), Ft Lauderdale (US) and more.

Davidé has DJ’d at many international Fetish events including Cirque De Boudoir (Montreal), Vancouver Fetish Weekend, Florida Fetish Weekend (Fetish Factory), Barcelona Fetish Weekend, Torture Garden (London, Toronto, New York & Montreal), Wasteland, Fetish Tribe (New York), and many more.

Co-founder and resident DJ of CIRQUE DE BOUDOIR (Montreal), DEBASEMENT (Montreal), REWIND (Montreal), BERLIN TECHNO (Montreal) Davidé brings his passion for music to every gig, always bringing special energy to the event that creates a unique vibe and pumping dance floor.

Davidé is also the Co-owner of Cabaret Berlin, an underground club & cabaret in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Links to events currently DJing in 2024:

Cabaret Berlin: https://facebook.com/cabaretberlinmtl

Cirque De Boudoir: https://cirquedeboudoir.com

Vancouver Fetish Weekend: https://vancouverfetishweekend.com

Florida Fetish Weekend: https://floridafetishweekend.com

Torture Garden: https://torturegarden.com